Surgical Solutions

There are several options for surgical treatment for women who have breast cancer, or are at an extremely high risk for developing breast cancer. Below is a list of surgical treatment options. Only you and your doctor can decide which, if any, is appropriate for your individual case.

Lumpectomy: a breast conserving surgery that removes the tumor and a small amount of tissue around it.

Segmental Mastectomy (partial mastectomy): removes the part of the breast that has cancer and some normal tissue around it.

Mastectomy: romoves the whole breast that has cancer, usually inculding the nipple.

Bi-Lateral Mastectomy: removes both breasts, even if one does not have cancer. This will further reduce the risk of many types of breast cancer from recurring.

Modified Radical Mastectomy: removes the whole breast that has cancer, many lymph nodes under the arm, lining over the chest muscles, and sometimes part of the chest muscles themselves.

The good news is if a patient has a mastectomy, breast reconstruction (surgery to rebuild a breast’s shape after a mastectomy) is available and covered by insurance. Reconstruction may be done at the time of the mastectomy or at a later date. There are many options associated with breast reconstruction, so have your physician refer you to a plastic surgeon with LOTS of experience in this particular field of cosmetic surgery. They can share with you all that you would be a candidate for in order for you to make an informed decision regarding reconstruction.


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