Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy may be used to treat breast cancers that are estrogen receptor and/or progesterone receptor positive. This means, these hormones fuel the cancer cells allowing them to grow and hormone therapy is used to block these hormones from the cancer cells. This type of treatment may include the use of drugs that change the way hormones work, and/or surgery to remove the ovaries and is typically used as adjuvant therapy.

Common hormonal therapy drugs include: Tamoxifen (estrogen blocker), Toremifene (estrogen blocker for post-menopausal), Faslodex (estrogen killer), Aromatase inhibitors (stops estrogen production in post-menopausal), and others not listed here.

Another type of hormone therapy is ovarian oblation (removing or shutting down the ovaries).

For additional information regarding hormone therapy please visit www.cancer.org

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