Universal Healthcare

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Will you contact your congressmen/women?

I already have
I am planning to
I am undecided
No, I do not plan on contacting them
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Total votes: 8
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Universal Healthcare

Postby Emerald » 21pm31America/New_York()

In light of Obama trying to push his healthcare reform through so quickly, would you take the time and effort necessary to contact your congressmen & women asking how they are planning to vote?
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Re: Universal Healthcare

Postby Mimi2 » 22pm31America/New_York()

I haven't yet, but certainly will. I have been writing letters..now need to fax. I need to tax our dem rep like I did on Crap and Tax. He didn't vote for it. YEA! Now I need to fax, email, call him and our dem senator..or shall I say DUMB senator. There's just so much stuff going on.
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Re: Universal Healthcare

Postby VoiceOfReason » 07pm31America/New_York()

My primary care Dr. told me Obamacare is a NIGHTMARE !!!

He stated he has to spend hours added on to each day just to deal with claims, that have to OK'ed by him.

I have to thank my husbands Democrat company owner who extended private insurance AGAIN in 2016
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Re: Universal Healthcare

Postby Dana-Right » 08am31America/New_York()

What kind of country have we become that people who absolutely cannot afford to pay obamacare must pay a tax that they also cannot afford if they cannot buy obamacare. It's evil.
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