Prayer for Cam...

Lifting each other up.
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Re: Prayer for Cam...

Postby Mimi2 » 20pm31America/New_York()

Love Camrys...goes with CAM'S name!

Prayers that ALL goes well with scans.
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Re: Prayer for Cam...

Postby GingerSnap » 20pm31America/New_York()

Many prayers for you and Cam!
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Re: Prayer for Cam...

Postby Emerald » 21pm31America/New_York()

Oh Heavenly Father, please, please, PLEASE let Cam's scans and tests come back all clear! Lord, they have been through so much, I just pray for Your strength to continue to carry them, I pray for Your peace to comfort them and Your love to heal them. Lord, God, I just lift Cam up to You and Lord I pray for Your healing touch on her body. Just take this disease away from her, give her, her life back. And Lord, God, I pray for Herbie as he has the weight of the world on his shoulders and He needs a touch from You now more than ever. Lord, just bless both Herbie and Cam. You have this thing in Your grips and I pray for patience as You do Your work through them. Lord, I also pray for her medical team. Watch over them and give them the wisdom needed for her cure. You use many to do Your work, I just pray these doctors will allow You to guide them. Lord, we love You, we praise You and we give You all the glory. In Christ's name I pray, Amen"
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