Prayers For Our Country

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Prayers For Our Country

Postby RightyHeidi » 13am31America/New_York()

Please Lord, let the “Spirit” of this great nation live on past this generation.

Give our children the strength and understanding that once flourished all around us.

Let this country see “the forest for the trees.”

Give back the moral and ethical soul of this nation.

Let the world see the strength of a Judea-Christian based country that we were made to be.

Let us give thanks to its creator and bring back the Spirit of his words.

The Eagle and the Wolf are perfect pictures of strength, freedom, and independence. Our country thrives on all of these.

Please Lord let us not destroy what our people’s blood and tears have worked to achieve.

Lead us towards the right path and let our following generations see how great our nation has become.

Lord, “Bless These United States,” bless the many people around this world who depend on our strength to give them freedom, and most of all bless all of our children that they may find the strength in your words to keep them free.

In Jesus' name, we all pray, AMEN.

By James Kelley author of “What Are Wisdom and Intelligence”
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Re: Prayers For Our Country

Postby Mimi2 » 13pm31America/New_York()

DITTO! Great prayer.
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Re: Prayers For Our Country

Postby NoBlahMa » 03pm31America/New_York()

Friends, we are here, at this time, for a purpose. Please continue to pray for our country and that God will hear the cries of His people. May we be delivered from this tyranny and our great Republic restored.
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