HER2/Neu Roll Call

Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2
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Re: HER2/Neu Roll Call

Postby Emerald » 21pm31America/New_York()

No, I dont know. I can ask. My opinion is (for what it is worth) you did the right thing having the mastectomy. It should absolutely lower your risk for recurrence.
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Re: HER2/Neu Roll Call

Postby believe1 » 26am31America/New_York()

MY DX was estrogen and prog. pos. HER2 was neg my tumur was 1cm my oncotype came back a 27 thats whats concerning me. I am in the " gray area " for chemo. I just dont know what to do at this point, because there is side effects to chemo as well, and with Tamoxofin ( probably spelled wrong ) I can lower my number to 18. The doctors like to see it under 13, so I am in a pickle. HELP!!!!!!!!
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Re: HER2/Neu Roll Call

Postby lexislove » 26am31America/New_York()


In your case being Her2 - , with a small tumor and I'm assuming negative lymph nodes, you might get away with only 4 chemo treatments. I'm not 100% sure though.

If you were Her+ you would definatly be getting chemo.

The gray zone is hard...BUT if you were to ever have a recurrence, wouldn't you feel better knowing that you have done everything possible to beat it?

Personally.....if I chose NO chemo and it did come back...I could never live with myself with "should of" "could of"'s running through my brain.....this is just my feelings.

Your cancer is very "curable"..it is always best to hit it hard the first time around.

Good luck in your decision
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Re: HER2/Neu Roll Call

Postby VoiceOfReason » 30am31America/New_York()

For what it is worth... My opinion - believe 1 - is to get a second opinion. I had a "different case" also ER/PR - and HER +++.

I actually had 2 more "second opinions" and they agreed no further treatment.

My first onc. gave me a really "doom and gloom" senario which I still cannot get out of my mind. The next one was very positive. the third one - also was very positive about my future.
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